Source code for geemap

"""Top-level package for geemap."""

__author__ = """Qiusheng Wu"""
__email__ = ""
__version__ = "0.17.1"

import os

def in_colab_shell():
    """Tests if the code is being executed within Google Colab."""
    import sys

    if "google.colab" in sys.modules:
        return True
        return False

[docs]def use_folium(): """Whether to use the folium or ipyleaflet plotting backend.""" if os.environ.get("USE_FOLIUM") is not None: return True else: return False
if use_folium(): from .foliumap import * else: from .geemap import * # if in_colab_shell(): # from google.colab import output # output.enable_custom_widget_manager() from .report import Report